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PR Knowledge Hub exists to help you excel, to build the knowledge and capabilities you need for present and future practice. We've been supporting leadership communication, public relations and organisational relationships for decades and our philosophy is to 'Think Forward' so we can guide you to where you need to go. 

The knowledge we share

Everyone learns differently, everyone has a different budget, everyone has a different goal. Our offerings are designed to meet your needs and help you excel. Which is great - but it's so easy to put things off. Our message is don't wait for tomorrow, tackle your own growth and professional development today - take that step forward and let us help you on your way

On demand learning

Micro courses to help you learn fast and turn what you learn into actions that matter

Active learning

Interactive modules, practical sessions, explore and experiment - roll up your sleeves and have a go

Collaborative Learning

Join our online community, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, challenge perspectives

Capability Pathways

Follow the capability pathway that's right for you - choose a practice area and develop your expertise
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We support your success

We help people gain access to thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring learning opportunities - live online, on demand or in person

Unique learning paths

Highly engaging courses

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