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Keeping our skills sharp in these turbulent times is no easy task. Jobs seem scarce and training budgets slim but that shouldn’t mean we ease up on self-improvement.

At PR Knowledge Hub, our professional development pathways are accessible, affordable and provide you with accreditations in emerging practice. They are designed to help you stay ahead in our rapidly changing  operating environment and deliver excellent results for you and your organisation.

You can join a PRKH Capability Pathway - a series of sessions with certification and recognition on completion. You can take the AI in PR Capability Pathway, Crisis, Digital, Internal Communication, Ethics, Risk, Reputation and more - choose a pathway to suit your focus, the knowledge you wish to acquire and the skills you want to build.

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Emerging technology has caused the biggest practice shift in generations.
Our continuing professional development pathways will set you on the right course to the future. 


Give us an hour of your time and we'll show you new concepts, new approaches and new thinking across all areas of public relations and leadership communication.

Live sessions

Regular live sessions are a key feature of our learning centre, giving you the opportunity to learn with - and from - your peers.


Individual training and professional development can be organised for you - or your team members - to help them develop their skills and capabilities.
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Master AI in PR
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Generative artificial intelligence has revolutionised our sector - and society - even more so than the advent of the Web.  Join us, take the AI in PR Capability Pathway and learn how to harness AI to manage risk, enhance reputation, prepare for crises and boost productivity.

Be part of the first AI in PR CPD series tailored for professionals like you, offering certification and a future-focused learning experience. Sign up and transform your career.

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We provide online courses that build your capabilities and strengthen your skills. From micro-learning and nano courses to in-person tailored sessions, you'll find something here to meet your needs.

Think Forward

We're lifelong learners too, committed to our own on-going education and the development of industry standards. This ensures you receive current, quality instruction while earning the credentials you need.

Quality Content

We understand that staying at the top of your profession means accessing top quality content that is relevant to your needs. All our courses are regularly reviewed and updated and when we personalise training it is specific to your situation and designed to meet agreed learning outcomes.
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