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Data-Driven Public Relations

Data-driven public relations is powerful stuff.
It fosters precision and encourages customisation. Learn how to use, find and leverage data, tailor programmes, improve outcomes and guard reputation.

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You will learn:

Data-driven public relations harnesses internal and external data to inform, support, and evaluate our decisions.
And there’s a lot of data to harness. It can be anything from audience demographics, online behaviours, issues and trends, to employee engagement, campaign results and relationship benchmarks. Understanding how to gather, manage and learn from the data that surrounds us - and then translate that information into insights and actions is now a core capability for practitioners. This course serves as a starting point for your data journey and the course is designed to help you develop an understanding of the key concepts, principles and theories. Modules include:

  • Principles of data-driven practice
  • How to find and manage data
  • Ethical and privacy guidelines
  • Impact of data on reputation
  • Data types and functions
  • Introduction to data visualisation

This course is on the digital capability pathway

Digital pathway
sessions include:

 Data-driven storytelling
 Metrics that Matter
 Advancing Digital Strategy
 Online Reputation Guardianship
 Shifting Social Strategy
 Navigating the Net: Digital Ethics
 Crisis: Digital Damage Control
 Digital Dynamics: Engagement

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