Communication Capability Pathway

Next-Gen Word Power: Master Speechwriting and AI Scripting

Speechwriting is powerful stuff and, in crafting the right words, we help others to speak out, to be heard and, most importantly, understood.

Learn how to a
waken emotions and inspire action through the spoken word. Enhance your clarity, sharpen your style, and make every speech memorable.

your impact in our field.

Whether you are writing for yourself, for others or need to discover how to write for today's AI-powered digital assistants, join us to transform your ideas into speeches that inform, inspire, and persuade. 
The right words, in the right place, at the right time, can - and will - make a real difference.

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 An identical spoken and written language would be practically intolerable. If we spoke as we write, we should find no one to listen. And if we wrote as we speak, we would find no one to read. The spoken and written language must not be too near together, as they must not be too far apart. 

In today's world, the gap between the spoken and written word has narrowed and is often too close for comfort. This narrow gap often causes misunderstandings or misinterpretation, which can lead to that great risk of our time, misinformation.

This course will show you how to mind the gap.

Online and on demand

Learn at your own pace - in your own place

Digital Guides

Readings, resources, digital guides

CPD Points

Gain CPD points and a Certificate of Completion

Hone your Skills

Practical exercises and activities

You will cover

Who is listening?

First, who is listening?
Who are you talking to?
Who should hear this?
How to identify and understand the people watching and listening to your words.

Persuade me 

A long hard look at the language of persuasion - ethics, logic and emotion. How it works, why it works, who should use it - and when.

Structure and form

Learn the rules to follow - and the rules to break. How good structure helps your listener.

Strength and circumstance

Finding the right words, for the right people at the right moment.

Style and tone

How research helps you read the room, hit the right note and avoid alienating your audience.

Write for AI-driven speakers

Discover how to get the best from text-to-video generative artificial intelligence and bring your words to life.

Open and close

Strong starts, marvellous middles and courageous closers. Learn how to wake up your words and weave great stories that captivate your audience.

TikTok or not - master scripts for video

Learn when you need a video script and why ad-hoc on TikTok can only go so far for some speakers. Gain insights into ways you can work with your speaker to build confidence and support delivery.
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