Communication Capability Pathway

Storytelling for Humans in
the Age of AI

The way we write has evolved, the way we read has changed and the way we use language has altered for good. The collective clamour for immediacy puts images first while algorithms override and automate human connection.

So do we still need stories in today’s visual and virtual worlds?

Yes we do – perhaps more than ever — but we need to approach it in a different way. This online session is designed to help you get to grips with great storytelling and write with confidence.

Learn how to create stories that inspire your humans in our new age of AI.

Learn to use the technology to support - not supplant - your storytelling.  This course gives you the time to refresh your storytelling strategies, renew your enthusiasm and rethink your approach.

NEXT COURSE DATE:  27 July 2024

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Live Online

27 July 2024
1pm NZST

Digital Guides

Readings and resources


Story challenges

Certificate of Completion

CPD Points - 2

What will you cover?

Explore the shape of storytelling in today's world. Discover new approaches.  Find fresh ways to engage with your stakeholders and communities and tell your stories well.
Share stories that develop knowledge and build relationships.
Learn how to use generative artificial intelligence to sharpen your skills and support your storytelling.

What’s the story – how to get to the heart of what’s going on

Transforming technical or complex information  into engaging stories is hard.
The first step on the road to great organisational narratives? Discover how to find your story.

Ways to engage your humans

Telling a story is one thing - keeping people with you to the end is another. Step four - understand who is with you and the type of story you are telling.

Storytelling for change

Stories influence behaviour and develop understanding, essential in times of change. Our second step - understand who the story is for and why it needs to be told.

What works best? Harnessing style and tone

Step five - refresh your skills. Brush up on style, tinker with tone.

Finding humanity – making the softer voices heard

Stories amplify voices that struggle to be heard above the noise. Third step forward - how to create stories that connect.

Anyone out there listening?

Step six - was anyone listening? Reading? Watching? Have they heard and understood? Discover ways to determine if your story has hit the mark.
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